ClimAir© – Perfect visibility in all weather conditions!


German company ClimAir © it is a world leader in the development and production of Automotive Components for all car brands produced on the world market.

Improve visibility

ClimAir© car wipers they provide an ideal view at any time of the year and are adapted to the Russian climate.

Versatility of brushes

ClimAir © products are suitable for 99% of the world's left-and right-hand drive vehicles.

Operational results

Extended service life of ClimAir auto wipers due to the use of a special component included in the patented rubber composition of the wiper blade, guarantees perfectly clean glass and the removal of oil film from the windshield throughout the entire service life.

Scientific developments

For the development, hundreds of chemical samples of reagents were taken, which are sprinkled on roads in Russia, and on the basis of the bimolecular analysis, the optimal composition of rubbers of a rubber polymer with a unique graphite additive, which is not exposed to the harmful effects of chemical reagents, was determined.

Quality control

The entire production process is controlled by German engineers at all its stages. All production is fully automated, with access to monitoring and managing production processes in 24/7/365 mode.

High performance

The rubber band is impregnated with class AAA graphite. 10-generation aerodynamic frame. The ability to change the cleaning tape. The transport belt and special packaging spacers guarantee the integrity of the product during transport. The end caps of the wiper blade are a single cast product together with the frame itself, which eliminates the loss of the plug when removing ice in the winter operating seasons.


Frame, frameless, winter and hybrid auto brushes are available in a size range from 350 mm to 700 mm. A replacement cleaning tape for frameless and hybrid wiper blades is available as a separate product.

2,000,000 Swipe Resource
99% Applicability of cars
84 Number of distributors
3.846.928 Number of wipers produced
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